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The foremost important role of HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) systems is to create pleasant and comfortable environment for people. The final efficiency of the system depends mostly on the competent decisions made during design and installation stages.

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We deliver projects
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Int-Ext, a building contractor with enormous work experience, is offering you its professional services in setting up cold supply systems. Our professionals are always ready to equip the following sites.

Office buildings. We know that productivity of your employees is directly influenced by their level of comfort. That is why we strive to create most pleasant environment in all office premises. Our specialists will pick an HVAC system for you to ensure effective inflow of fresh air, evacuation of stale air, and give each employee an ability to set individual temperature profiles in their working areas.

Industrial sites. Effective ventilation systems are critical for industrial sites. That is why we utilize powerful specialized equipment capable of turning over large volumes of air, implement most recent technologies, and pay all due attention to the installation process.

Residential Buildings. Fitting out a cottage requires a wide range of climate systems. Our specialists carefully consider the specifics of each site to pick the most efficient HVAC systems while keeping an eye on the client’s financial capabilities. We'll easily organize supply and extract ventilation, installation of split systems, testing, adjusting and balancing.

We are providing a full range of services for all kinds of sites:

  • design of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems;
  • installation of HVAC systems of any complexity;
  • installation of industrial, semi-industrial, and residential type systems;
  • warranty and post-warranty service HVAC systems.

Int-Ext Company installs the following systems.

Chiller/fancoil systems. For commercial facilities we install chiller/fancoil systems. They consist of cooling machines (chillers), usually placed on the roof of the buildin, and fancoil units located in its premises. Such system works on chilled water passing through the relevant pipeline loop of the building, cooling the air passing through the fancoil units. Installing a chiller on the roof often requires building a base of reinforced concrete. We also perform these construction works, so you do not have to look for an individual contractor and coordinate the workflow between two organizations.

Split Systems. For the residential sector and for commercial buildings without chillers, freon-based split systems are most commonly used. Simple split system consists of indoor and outdoor units. More complex (multi-zone) system includes one outdoor unit and several external units. Installing multi-split systems is much more difficult and responsible than the installation of simple split systems. However, multi-split systems are more effective and, of course, one external unit on balcony or facade of a building looks much better and takes less space.

Installing HVAC systems, Int- Ext is always willing to conduct any related electrical works for your company, including the connection of equipment. We always offer the installation of turnkey climate systems, saving the customer from unnecessary headaches associated with finding 2-3 individual contractors. Call us - we will be happy to consult you and offer to calculate a proposal for your site!

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