Installation of Fire Alarm and Detection Systems

Any modern fire alarm and detection system is a set of equipment designed for the early detection of fire/smoke and alerting people on site. Installation of FADS involves both assembling and integration of the following basic components into the system:

  • smoke detectors that contain sensors to detect and respond to various effects of fire (smoke, increase of indoor air temperature and concentration of combustion products of, open flame, and so on).
  • fire alarm control panels, which receive and process data from detectors , analyze it and form the control signals;
  • fire alarm loops connecting the control panel with sensors and other parts of the system.

Depending on particular set of equipment and mode of operation there are several types of alarm systems: Non-Addressable (Conventional), Addressable and Analogue Addressable.

Fire Alarm and Detection System Installation Steps

Installation of fire alarm and detection system is a laborious and important process, which involves perfomance of several successive key steps:

  • preliminary analysis comprising, when necessary, inspection of the site;
  • development of design documentation for the installation of fire alarm and detection system;
  • selection and supply of the necessary equipment;
  • laying of cable lines using special flame retardant cable that is characterized by low gas and smoke emissions;
  • fire alarm installation with all terminal devices, such as alarm control panels, detectors, power supply units, and so on. If the room is being equipped with suspended ceiling, its installation must be completed prior to installation of sensors;
  • integration of automatic fire alarm system with other engineering systems of the building, if provided for in the design;
  • connection of the equipment, execution of pre-commissioning and commissioning the system to the customer.

It is often convenient for customers that a single contractor accomplishes the installation of fire alarm system as well as fire extinguishing and smoke extract systems. We are one of such universal companies providing a wide range of services for the installation of engineering systems, including all safety systems.

Please be aware of the fact that the cost of the project is determined individually and depends on a number of factors. The main among them are the scope and complexity of work, the amount and type of the equipment, materials, and so on. Understanding that, we always try to find the most effective cost solutions for Moscow without compromising the quality and efficiency of the system.

Int-Ext is one of the most popular construction and refurbishment companies in Moscow. We recommend you to entrust the installation of fire alarm systems only to professionals. The main thing is that not only the safety of premises, but also the lives of people depend upon the quality of work done.

EMERCOM of Russia License for the Installation of Fire Alarm and Detection Systems

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