Installation of glass partitions

Int-Ext Company performs design and installation of glass partitions in Moscow. We offer services in creating translucent constructions of any complexity and configuration.

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Various options

Glass partitions always prove to be a good design solution. They visually enlarge the space, look elegant and have a wide choice of modifications. Glass partitions can be grouped according to:

  • Structural type: framed and frameless partitions. Framed partitions consist of aluminum carcass bearing the weight of the entire structure and glass panels inserted in its cells. In frameless constructions there are no vertical studs. Glass panels perform the supporting function. They are installed edge to edge and are supported above and below by clamping frames installed on the floor and the ceiling.
  • Glazing type:
    1. Single layer glass partitions are an integral part of mall interior. They are also frequently used in offices. Their structure is based on narrow clamping frames on the top and bottom of the partition and tempered glass panels clamped between upper and lower frames. The joints of the panels are filled with transparent mastic. Such all-glass partitions are almost invisible due to being entirely transparent. But their soundproofing capacity not as high as that of double glazed partitions.
    2. Double glass partitions are often used in offices. The construction consists of two layers of glass and rigid frame. It is somewhat similar to that of PVC windows. Some of them are actually made using the same window carcass – such partitions are called PVC partitions. They are bulkier and less popular than their counterparts based on aluminum frame.
    The majority of our clients prefer double glazed partitions on aluminum frame since they look aesthetically pleasing and hi-tech. They are easy to assemble. Cables can be pulled through their frames. It allows us to install outlets and switches in the entire area. Shutters are often installed between the two layers of glass providing additional privacy.

Tempered glass is mostly used in manufacturing one-layer frameless partitions. Due to special technology it has high mechanical durability. If broken, it bursts into small shards with blunted edges harmless for people.

Ordinary raw glass can be also used in partitions – generally in double glazed ones with horizontal impost at the height of 2100 mm.

There is a wide choice of decorative treatment of glass panels. They may be transparent, covered with mat film, sandblasted, etc.


Irrespective of the type, any glass partition has the following advantages:

  • aesthetically pleasing appearance, visual enlargement of the space;
  • increase in luminous flux up to 85%, elegance of construction;
  • good soundproofing (even with one layer infilling);
  • Infinite variety of design options.

Glass partitions assembly

Our company installs framed as well as frameless glass partitions. We will offer the most cost-effective option, manufacture the partitions to your individual sizing and install them within the shortest time possible. Choosing Int-Ext you get complex solution for premises redevelopment covering all works associated.

Type of work
Price in Rubles Including VAT
Installation of double-glazed partitions with inner shutters (materials and labour)
from 4800
Installation of one-layer frameless glass partitions (materials and labour)
from 5400

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