Installation of Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems

Timely and rapid warning of a fire situation and creating conditions for an organized evacuation of occupants is one of the most important tasks in provision of fire safety of any premises. That is why it is necessary to install Public Address Systems in all buildings where people work, visit or reside. It helps to save human lives and avoid panic.

Basic System Components

Installation of Public Address and Voice Alarm (PAVA) Systems can include installation of the following technical devices:

  • light and audible alarm (sirens, tinted signals, flashing strobes);
  • graphical and text indicators of movement;
  • audible fire alarm , which allows to broadcast texts especially prepared for emergency situations;
  • emergency lighting.

As a rule, the above mentioned devices are combined. After all, only a comprehensive approach to installation of PAVA ensures the most efficient notification and evacuation of people from buildings in case of fire.

Depending on the combination of technical devices, fire different types of systems exist today – from the simplest schemes, which include only the light and audible alarm, to complex solutions with feedback and full automation of the evacuation with the selection of the separate zones. The choice of a PAVA shall be based on the functional purpose of the building, the estimated number of people in it and a number of other factors.

Our Advantages

Having SRO permits and EMERCOM license, the Int-Ext Company carries out design and installation of public address systems of any complexity in Moscow and Russia. We design PAVA in accordance with all relevant rules and regulations.

Realizing high responsibility of such work, our company carries out turnkey installation of Public Address Systems in Moscow, including all kinds of tests and commissioning.

We can guarantee the successful commissioning and subsequent stable operation of PAVA because we have the following advantages:

  • great experience in PAVA installation on all kinds of sites;
  • highly qualified specialists;
  • use of equipment and materials from reliable suppliers;
  • continuous monitoring of changing regulations and requirements and application of the newest technologies.

Do not hesitate to contact Int-Ext. We will be happy to assist with the implementation of any project.

EMERCOM of Russia License for Installation of Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems

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