Suspended Ceilings

The technology to install the suspended ceiling is relatively new but already entrenched in the everyday life. Similar installations are commonplace in shopping malls, office buildings, residential apartments, and suburban houses. The popularity of this technology is clear given its advantages of being practical, functional, reliable along with its aesthetical qualities and speed of installation.

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But most importantly this technology is constantly evolving and getting enriched with new solutions. Consider the options you have when commissioning suspended ceiling from the company Int-Ext.

1. "Armstrong" Ceiling. This type of ceiling made from the standard modules is also known as cassette type. Installation of “Armstrong” is carried out using square or rectangular panels made from a range of materials. You can pick one of the following types of the ceiling depending on specific needs:

  • Stamped mineral slab is a popular and inexpensive solution.
  • Acoustic slabs are used for maximum sound damping.
  • Metallic perforated slabs are used for optimal ventilation.
  • Mirror plate is a beautiful solution extending space visually.

In any configuration high waterproofing and fire resistance qualities will be indisputable advantages of the "Armstrong" type of the ceiling.

2. Lath Ceiling is installed using aluminum or metal panels of various length and width. A striking feature of this type of the ceiling is a wide gamut of available colors. On top of that an installation of lath ceiling brings ecologically sound fire retardant materials, a chance to conceal all communications, and actively use lighting in dark premises thanks to light reflectivity of the lath ceiling.

3. The honeycomb ceiling "Grilliato" has been known in Russia since the 2000s. The cost of installing "Grilliato" is higher than "Armstrong" since its grilled structure demands fine manual assembly.

Yet a beautiful look of the honeycomb ceiling so well suited for the interior spaces in “Hi-Tech” style draws attention of many clients. Company Int-Ext has long experience of professional installation of Grilliato, with the rates depending on the total area of the ceiling and its height.

Gypsum plasterboard ceiling is one of the most interesting solutions for a wide range of designs. This material allows installation of plasterboard ceilings of virtually any shape and type including circular, oval, multi-level, and niches with illumination.

Our company installs suspended ceilings of any type. It’s up to you to pick from a range of popular solutions. In any case company Int-Ext guarantees extreme accuracy and top attention to details.

Int-Ext Company Services
Price in Rubles Including VAT
Installation of Armstrong suspended ceilings (labour only)
about 450
Installation of lath suspended ceiling (labour only)
about 600
Installation of Grilliato ceilings (labour only)
about 750
Installation of plasterboard ceilings, technology P113 (labor only)
about 1200

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