Installation of ventilation systems

Fresh air in the premises of any type can be ensured by competent selection and installation of ventilation system. It will improve the well-being and working capacity of the building occupants who spend a long time in an enclosed area. This applies both to residential and commercial properties. Their indoor environment must comply with the applicable engineering requirements and hygienic standards.

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Design and installation of ventilation systems

In addition to the air exchange function the ventilation system of commercial premises has such additional functions as air cooling/heating, air cleaning, and even humidifying/dehumidifying function.

As a rule, in modern buildings there are used air handling units with energy recovery. More costly split units (supply and exhaust units) are also widely used. Arrangement of ventilation requires preparation works associated with pulling air ducts. This needs to be done either in the middle of works or at the commencement of the refurbishment. The last phase is installation of the supply air outlets (grills, diffusers) and start-up and commissioning works.

It is out of question that installation of any more or less serious ventilation system requires development of design and its approval. Only after that installation works can be started.

Fixing of ventilation system implies installation and connection of ventilation units, air ducts, air valves and supply air outlets into a single system. Automatic equipment set-up is also made if necessary.

The installation process is technologically quite complicated, plus:

  • ventilation equipment is usually placed in separate engineering equipment premises, above suspended ceilings or on roofs of buildings;
  • generally, air ducts are laid above suspended ceilings; if the ceilings are low, wiring is sometimes put in the plastic trunking across the premises;
  • air ducts can be laid in an open manner, without using suspended ceilings - mainly in the engineering equipment premises, or in office and commercial premises in the interior loft style.

Int-Ext Company renders professional services in the field of design, installation and maintenance of engineering systems, such as home networks, semi-industrial and industrial ventilation.

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