Mezzanine Floors

Modern office space must be functional and practical. And, if before this task was possible to solve only by correct zoning of workspace through remodeling and using partitions, today there is a worthy alternative of installing a mezzanine.

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What mezzanines are and why they are needed?

A mezzanine is a half storey, which is a multi-layered metal structure erected independently of the building load-bearing elements. This solution allows for maximum use of the space height, which is especially important for small offices.

Existence of a mezzanine allows for arrangement of one or even several pedestrian levels (floors) inside the office. The second floor of the office is usually a free standing mezzanine platform, on which there can be placed racks, furniture, and arranged fully-featured workplaces for the employees.

For convenience, mezzanines are equipped with different elements: adjustable slotted shelves, racks, walkways, cross beams, stairs, safety railings. The office mezzanine carrying elements are columns, therefore, various structural elements of the lower level are missing, allowing to freely use the space. Structures are made from high quality cold-rolled steel, ensuring their load-bearing capacity, high strength and durability.

Office mezzanine can be open or closed. The open mezzanine is separated from the rest space by dividing structure. The closed mezzanines are separate spaces with windows, walls, partition walls and ceilings, which can be made from chipboard, plasterboard, glass magnesium panels, gypsum partition blocks and other materials.

Having decided to build a mezzanine in the office, you’ll gain plenty of advantages:

  • extension of office space without annexes and lease of new premises;
  • possibility of rational use of the space;
  • obtaining of additional places for arrangement of workplaces, record keeping, storage of equipment and goods;
  • easy installation and dismantling of structures.

Int-Ext specialists will carry out a professional installation of a mezzanine for you. We will develop the most appropriate design for your office space through calculation of the overall dimensions and structure load, taking into account specific features of your office and your wishes.

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