Insulation of the roof

Properly carried out roof insulation works ensure protection of the roof from atmospheric impact. Moreover, they help to maintain comfortable indoor microclimate. Roof insulation is performed taking into account operational, wind, snow and other types of loads in compliance with customer requirements, as well as design features of the site.

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Technology of work performances

The simplest roofing sandwich consists of several necessary components:

  • load-bearing foundation (slab or roof timber);
  • vapor barrier sheet (in pitched roof);
  • insulation itself;
  • waterproofing covering.

Depending on the roof type and its function, the structure and sequencing of the layers can vary. In an ordinary flat roof that is not exposed to additional loads, the insulation layer is placed under the waterproofing material. Alternatively, when installing a ballasted roof intended for active use, insulation material is placed over the waterproofing, and fabric or ballast are placed over the insulation.

There are two types of insulation for a flat roof and a pitched roof:

  • One layer system. This method of insulation is used in repairing or restoring old roofs. It is the best choice for industrial premises and storehouses. In a one layer system a thin filler block is used.
  • Two layer system.It is comprised of two insulation layers: the upper (30 - 50 mm) and the lower (70 - 170 mm). The first layer performs an additional function of load distribution, and the second one is used for effective insulation. The two-layer system is not very heavy, which is extremely important in repairing the roofs of the old buildings.

The intermediate layer between the framing foundation and the insulation is a vapor barrier. It may be a vapor barrier sheet or a heat-welded sheet. To insulate a roof the following heat-proof materials can be used:

  • slag cotton on the basis of the whinstone;
  • extruded foam polystyrene.

Fixing the insulation to the foundation is performed either by means of telescoping screw plugs or gluing it to the bitumen.

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