Modern systems of intruder alarms are intended to perform a whole range of functions. First of all, they help to provide control and detect intrusion in the protected area. Secondly, they can detect water and gas leaks and also power cuts and immediately provide notification. Installation of intruder alarm systems is usually accompanied by installation of warning activation systems (sirens and strobe lights) as well as notification of the central monitoring station. A building dispatcher, a duty officer of a private security company or of additional departmental guards or the landlord of a private house automatically receives the alarm signal.

This type of intruder alarm can be installed at any site. There are alarms for offices, apartments, cottages, shops and storehouses as well as big shopping malls. Int-Ext provides “turnkey” installation of all these systems with further maintenance and broadening, if necessary.

Types of alarm systems:

Autonomous system. Installation of alarm systems of this type doesn't provide a connection with the dispatcher desk of extra departmental guards. Configuration should scare the intruder with bright lights (strobe flare) and sharp sound signals. The main purpose of this system is to attract general attention: it can be enough in many cases to prevent undesirable intrusion into the territory or premise. This system is often used as alarm signalization of the office in the center of the city, if there are no valuable items on the premise.

GSM-system. Installation of this type of intruder alarm provides connection of sensors and GSM module. When it is activated, it sends alarm signal to the mobile phone of the owner. It is often installed not only in offices, but also in private houses, apartments and garages.

Configurations connected with telephone line. Safety alarm signalization is installed in the same way, but the equipment is connected to a fixed telephone line. In case of unauthorized intrusion, an automatic dialer is activated, sending voice messages to pre-assigned special numbers.

Intruder alarm system connected to monitoring center. The alarm signal is transmitted to the security desk (with the help of an "alarm button"). When sensors fix it, the signal is transmitted to a security service. Sometimes installation of intruder alarm systems of this type demands connection with several communication channels for the purpose of safety. A signal cable is the main one; radio connections and GSM channels are reserved.

Installation of intruder alarm

As a rule, installation of intruder alarm includes motion sensors and presence sensors. In a simpler variant, sealed contact (i. e. sensors of door openings) are installed. They work when the doors are opened without the necessary key. Window pane sensors are also widely used.

"Int-Ext" can also install temperature, fume, water and gas leaks sensors. Then we connect all the sensors to the single control panel of alarm system, which sends command to the signal device.

Given all the minute details and types of configurations, it's necessary to remember that installation of the alarm systems can be trusted only to professionals. In this case you'll be sure that your office, house or garage is well protected. Contact the office of "Int-Ext" by phone +7 (495) 135-11-35 and we'll consult with you and do our best to offer you the ideal solution for your site.

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