Linoleum installation

Floor is the most vulnerable part of any premise: it is constantly exposed to mechanical load, it is soiled and it wears down.

We'll help you to protect your floor. Int-Ext offers the simplest, the most economical and optimal flooring – laying of linoleum.

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We deliver projects on time
We deliver projects
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Working 7/24
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We abide the law
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Fixed price
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Main advantages of linoleum

  • Linoleum is perfectly waterproof. Even the cheapest types of this material are perfectly waterproof.
  • Linoleum covering protects the floor from outer impact. This covering doesn't wear down, doesn't split and doesn’t lose the initial appearance for many years.
  • Linoleum will make your floor look nice and attractive. Modern market offers a wide variety of colors and patterns. It’s not difficult at all to select the optimal kind of linoleum matching a certain interior.
  • Convenience in maintenance. This type of floor covering is easy to wash and can be often cleaned. It makes linoleum irreplaceable for industrial zones and premises with high attendance of visitors.

Our services

Help in selecting the material. The cost of linoleum covering can vary. It depends on the type of the material: domestic, commercial or natural linoleum. There is really a wide choice of material. Our experts will help you to make the right solution, to find a balance between cost and quality.

High quality of performance

Depending on the area of the premise, we choose the most appropriate way of linoleum flooring in respect to price and practicability: fixing without glue, laying on the double-side scotch or gluing. Our experts use special equipment and tools, which enables to get ideally even, long-lasting and durable covering. If the concrete basis is irregular, we can make preliminary screed or self-leveling floor.

Short terms

We understand that our customers are eager to see the new covering on their floors as soon as possible. So we do our best to implement the work in the shortest time possible and without any damage for quality.

Affordable prices

High quality does not mean expensive. Following this rule, Int-Ext performs laying of linoleum at prices that are lower than the average across the market.

Int-Ext Company Services
Price in Rubles Including VAT
Laying of linoleum (labor only)
about 300
Plastic skirting installation (labor only)
l. m.
about 150

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