Membrane roof

Membrane roof has become more and more popular among those desiring to construct a safe storehouse, an industrial unit, or any commercial real estate that will serve for many years. It is made of modern material – roof membranes from PVC, i.e. - elastic polyvinyl chloride sheets fastened together by hot air welding.

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This material is in great demand due to many advantages, including safety, resistance to natural and mechanical impact, a wide choice of color solutions etc.

The installation of membrane roof is a highly-demanding and labour intensive process that should be delegated to professionals. There are 3 types of installation:

  • ballast type membrane roof installation is suitable for roofs with less than 10 degrees upward gradient. The foundation should be thoroughly prepared prior to commencement of the work; it must be solid and even. Then the roof membrane is fastened along the whole length and is ballasted with gravel or other material.
  • mechanical installation of PVC membrane is ideal for roofs with a significant upward gradient. Sheets are fastened to the roof using a special telescopic fastener, and then are joined together hermetically using specialized equipment;
  • glue type installation of membrane roof is used for roofs with complicated construction, and also in regions exposed to strong wind. Sheets are fixed to the foundation by special bonding adhesive.

No matter what type of PVC membrane installation is suitable for your roof, you’ll get high-quality covering and an aesthetically pleasing solution for your house. This roof material has many important advantages.

First, the membrane roof is very durable. If properly installed, its useful life may exceed 60 years.

Secondly, membrane covering has a wide range of size. The length of sheets is 60 m, and the width ranges from 0.9 to 15 m. It allows to make a choice of coating with high precision in accordance with the roof characteristics without additional finishing of the material. The end result of it is monolithic roof with minimum seams and good waterproofing.

Thirdly, the installation of the membrane roof protects the house from various negative impacts. Roof coating is resistant to fire, temperature drops, precipitation, sun rays and other factors. Besides, PVC membrane endures ruptures and perforations. It ensures high durability even under strong external loads.

Int-Ext company: membrane roof as an index of the quality

Today, the choice of construction and repair companies is large and varied. Yet our company introduces a number of significant advantages:

  • Int-Ext Company is a team of specialists who will give you competent information prior to commencement of work, thus significantly facilitating the choice of materials and technologies;
  • Specialists of Int-Ext Company perform the installation of a roof in compliance with all the required documentation and standards ensuring safety and longevity of the roof;
  • the company uses only high-quality materials and equipment, for instance welding machines for PVC membranes;
  • we provide competitive pricing;
  • a convenient form of cooperation. To initiate a project it’s enough to call the office of Int-Ext, or to fill out the appropriate form on our website and the company agent will get in touch with the customer soon afterwards;
  • individual approach. Irrespective of the roof type, the complexity of its shape and geometry, as well as preferences of the customer, our specialists will find a solution to achieve the result to a customer’s satisfaction. The consultants from the company will provide with comprehensive information support and help to combine the customer’s ideas and their technical implementation as accurate as possible.

Installation of a membrane roof is a complex technological process requiring special knowledge and skills. Trust it to professionals from Int-Ext Company and enjoy benefits of it!

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