Movable partitions' installation

Movable partitions are an original modern solution of dividing office space. This type of partitions consists of a mobile construction where the sheet can be folded in a specially provided parking zone at any moment and in a few seconds.

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Types and characteristics

All movable partitions are divided into two groups: folding and sliding elements. Folding construction is normally installed in houses and apartments. Sliding constructions are mostly used for zoning space in public sites, and are made to order.

Movable office partitions are similar to a sliding-door in wardrobe. The partition moves along a special rail system fixed to the ceiling. Therefore the floor remains intact. Locks necessary to fix sheets in right direction are placed on it.

“Mobile walls” move along the guide rails on rollers. Sheets may be folded parallel or perpendicular to each other. The most expensive sliding mechanisms are equipped with electric or automatic drives so that the partitions could be easily transformed.

The sheet of such mobile construction may be manufactured from any material. Most often veneer or laminated chipboard panels and even thick tempered glass are used.

Arrangement of movable partitions

The entire process of installing movable partitions comprises installation of the ceiling profile, while the rail system is placed in its slots. Then the guide rail is concealed by decorative panels. Finally the installation of the panels is performed.

As a result you get an ideal solution for dividing space. These partitions allow easy creation of temporary spaces or transformation of two small rooms into a large conference room within a few seconds. Moreover, “partitions-transformers” provide additional heat and soundproofing; they are reliable and simple in operation. It makes them indispensable in the premises requiring frequent re-planning.

Our services and advantages

Int-Ext Company has extensive experience in arranging movable partitions and offers services for creating sliding elements of any complexity.

We work with different kinds of applications, design partitions of classical and non-standard configuration to readily offer you the best choice.

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Type of work
Price in Rubles Including VAT
Installation of non-transparent movable partitions (materials and labour)
from 32000

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