This kind of fit-out works is directly connected with finishing fit-out and painting of any surfaces. It includes painting of walls, floors, ceilings, equipment, etc. These works are performed in order to prolong life time, to improve the aesthetic properties of surfaces and sanitary conditions inside a building.

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We deliver projects
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Different varnish-and-paint materials can be used for painting works: some are on aqueous base (aqueous emulsion ink) and some are on non-aqueous base (silicate, oil, mineral paints). In the first type of paints cement, liquid glass, glue or lime are used as a binder. In the second type such ingredients as linseed-oil, bitumen and resin are widely used. Glue, oil, enamel, and aqueous emulsion compositions are most often utilized for walls and ceilings painting.

Painting works usually comprise the following stages: preliminary leveling of the surface, finishing smoothing by means of spackling and polishing, coating, painting of walls and other surfaces. In these kinds of works coating is used for better adherence of layers. Apart from ordinary painting, texture painting, drawing, sprayed plaster base and other non-standard types of treating can be performed. Any kinds of work must be performed by professionals in order to guarantee high quality and longevity.

Materials for painting works

Int-Ext experts professionally perform fit-out of premises utilizing all kinds of varnish-and-paint materials: aqueous emulsion ink, enamel, oil, glue and mineral compositions. While selecting technologies and means we take into account the specifics of a construction site. And in each case we are ready to offer an optimal material for painting of walls, floors, ceilings or fa?ade fit-out.

In painting works we utilize only high-quality, ecologically friendly varnish-and-paint materials from reliable manufacturers. It lets us create durable and long lasting covering of painted walls, floors and ceilings which has long term of service and helps to avoid any negative effect on health.

Advantages of cooperation with us

Tenants as well as owners of the buildings often commission painting works to Int-Ext, because we enjoy the reputation of a highly professional company. Besides, we perform them promptly, our price policy is very moderate and many customers are pleased with prices for our services.

We utilize only high-quality, ecologically pure materials supplied by reliable companies, which prolongs operation term of the treated surfaces. Once walls or ceilings are painted, paint preserves its properties for a long time which meets the demands of our customers.

If you address Int-Ext, you’ll get the warranty of perfect fit-out of premise or building.

Int-Ext Company Services
Price in Rubles Including VAT
Spackling surfaces and their preparation for painting (labour only)
about 750
Painting of the surfaces (labour only)
about 210
Spackling walls and their preparation for papering (labour only)
about 375
Papering of the prepared surface (labour only)
about 300

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