Plasterboard installation: partitions, celilings, various constructions

Introduction of plasterboard significantly expanded options available for construction and fitout of premises. This type of material is essentially a double layer of cardboard filled with a layer of hardened gypsum. Thanks to this deceptively simple technology, plasterboard meets the highest requirements on resistance to fire, light weight, and ecological, radiation and sanitation certificates. Plasterboard constructions such as ceilings and partitions are getting to be most popular with a wide range of consumers.

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Advantages of plasterboard installation

Practicality is the main advantage of gypsum plasterboard. This material is being used these days for construction work of any complexity:

  • decorative plasterboard elements (arches, columns, niches);
  • installation of suspended plasterboard ceilings;
  • plasterboarding walls to ensure smooth surface;
  • installation of gypsum plasterboard partitions.

It's impossible not to mention another advantage of the material, that is its light weight and ease of set up. Installation of gypsum plasterboard leaves no mess and requires no wet preparatory process (plastering, etc). It's no accident that «drywall» is an English word for plasterboard partition.

Still plasterboard installation requires professional skills to ensure smooth final surface, or as the carpenters say the «result is gone». Our professionals will leverage their multi-year experience to re-design any premise with bounds of your project.

Installation of gypsum plasterboard partitions

Gypsum plasterboard is a viable alternative to brick, wooden, beam, and other types of construction. First of all, installation of gypsum plasterboard makes for a perfectly smooth surface so critical for the next stage of decoration. Secondly, the assembly and installation of gypsum plasterboard takes little time. Thirdly, gypsum plasterboard can hide the engineering communications such as pipes, cables, and air ducts. Not to mention that gypsum plasterboard often incorporates sound proofing material allowing to cut down on the amount of undesirable noise.

The gypsum plasterboard is fitted onto a dedicated metal frame attached to the ceiling and floor of the room. It's attached to the concrete using dowel nails or anchors. Once installed the frame is lined from one side with gypsum plasterboard sheets. The space inside is filled with sound proofing material (doubling as heat insulation). Finally the frame is lined with plasterboard sheets from the other side. This approach ensures that plasterboard partitions can be outfitted within few days and can be followed up with puttying and painting of the newly constructed surfaces.

Installation of gypsum plasterboard ceilings

This is one of the most popular fit-out techniques. Suspended ceilings made from gypsum plasterboard can adjust the height of the premises and hide engineering communications, cross bars, and beams. In addition the gypsum plaster ceilings are easily fitted with raster and pointed lights.

Some of the most enticing design ideas can be realized with gypsum plasterboards:

  • shape the ceiling into any surface (arch, figure, slopping);
  • design double- or triple-layered ceilings;
  • divide the space into functional zones.

These products are installed using the following tools: laser level, water level, ruler, sheers, hand saw, screwdriver, impact drill, square, etc.

Gypsum plasterboard ceiling is an ideal solution for any interior. It’s easy to paint, cover with wall paper, decorate with plinths, stuccowork and other design elements. The specialists of the company Int-Ext will swiftly install gypsum plasterboard constructions such as ceilings and partitions while ensuring the highest quality standards.

Int-Ext Company Services
Price in Rubles Including VAT
Facing walls with 2 layers of plasterboard, technology C623 (labor only)
about 750
Installation of gypsum plasterboard partitions 2+2 layers, technology C112 (labor only)
about 1100
Installation of gypsum plasterboard ceilings, technology P113 (labor only)
about 1200
Installation of complex gypsum plasterboard ceilings (labor only)
about 2000

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