These days the plumbing system is most important for the livelihood and considered an essential attribute of civilized life. Hard to imagine a contemporary cottage without uninterrupted supply of hot and cold water and drainage of refuse water. Unfortunately experience shows that plumbing system is not always functioning properly, its importance notwithstanding. Leaks, breaks, and unpleasant smell are just a small fraction of potential problems faced by consumers.

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We deliver projects
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We abide the law
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Incompetent installation of plumbing system may be a source of not just emotional discomfort but incur significant expenses to fix or repair the consequences. That’s why the best approach is to trust the task as important as plumbing to competent professionals.

The basic set of requirements to plumbing contractor is the following:

  • full and relevant qualification - it’s best to have a single contractor to install all engineering systems in the house, i.e. plumbing, sewage, heating, etc.
  • comprehensive approach - a turnkey plumbing solution is always better than ordering “a la carte” from various organizations. A single contractor performing comprehensive system installation carries full responsibility for quality of work and takes time to properly design all elements of the system. Consider the fact that such a turnkey job goes beyond installation and includes design, selection and delivery of equipment and materials. Qualified professionals will deliver better plumbing system.
  • broad experience in implementation for similar projects - it’s obvious that longer experience in business brings more of the skilled professionals. That’s why you should trust your plumbing needs to a company with a considerable market experience.

Int-Ext Company satisfies these requirements fully and completely. You can always come to us for a consultation, execute a contract and receive the order. We’ll be happy to meet any of your needs!

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