From the moment of Int-Ext’s foundation, work in commercial real estate is our specialty. This type of non-residential estate includes offices, shops, restaurants, storehouses, etc. This policy is not only linked to our long experience in this area; it helps us move along the right track. The focus is in the specifics of working with different sections of the market.

Work within living quarters implies contact with people. Sometimes it is not so easy since a private person is much more concerned about his own means than about the corporate means by attempting to save every penny in the course of his housing refurbishment in order to purchase all of the materials himself, and pay for the work with cash. As a result, this section of the market is occupied by private brigades, which focus on the small volumes of simple work.

In commercial real estate remodeling, when dealing with legal persons, the payment is non-cash, and the cost of all the materials is usually included in the contract. Therefore the customer is completely liberated from the headaches connected with the maintenance of the supply department, negotiating supply contracts, freight transportation, etc. The contractor takes all these responsibilities. It is only natural to take into account, the complexity of working in commercial real estate remodeling and their considerable volume. Only a professional company can prepare project documentation, negotiate it with all the necessary authorities and perform all the types of “turnkey remodeling”. In addition, we provide a guarantee of quality for a term of one year and the customer can be sure of it.

Int-Ext Services in Commercial Real Estate Remodeling

Being experts in commercial real estate furnishing, we provide our customers with a complete range of services:

  • Development of design documentation;
  • Civil works, interior finishes and furnishing;
  • Installation of engineering systems.

The advantages of Int-Ext are:

  • Huge experience in commercial real estate remodeling;
  • Reasonable pricing and discounts on considerable volumes;
  • Appropriate licenses for responsible works;
  • Our own equipment and transport;
  • Flexibility and loyalty to customers.

We are always ready to provide you with the references of former customers. If you need consulting or a commercial offer for your site, you need only to call us or fill out the appropriate form and our experts will try to assist you promptly.

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