Floor Screeding

Traditionally, floor screeding is one of the main problems of reconstruction, refurbishment or commissioning of new sites. As a rule, floor screeds leave much to be desired.

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This interlayer between the concrete basis and the floor covering is intended to perform the following important functions:

  • bringing the finish floor level in different premises to a single level ;
  • leveling of concrete slab to make a smooth and durable surface for the future floor covering;
  • hiding cables, pipes and other elements of engineering distribution.

Only skilled screeding by Int-Ext experts may solve these problems. Modern equipment and providing floor screeds allows us to achieve high quality and at the same time to perform all works in the shortest time possible. We always aim at getting a smooth surface, good adhesion with the lower layer and durability, which are so important for the customer.

Our services

Screeds of the following types are classified according to their constructive characteristics:

  • monolith (coupled, bound) screed: laying is performed directly on the intersection, and the price of this kind of screed depends on its width;
  • screed placed on the separating layer and made of waterproof material: this type of screed is more expensive, but it is essential for premises with a water supply line or a wet base.
  • floating screed is performed in premises with heat insulation of the floor and is applied over the heat insulation and waterproof layers; it is not connected with the basis.

Int-Ext utilizes all the above mentioned technologies and offers the maximum affordable pricing for all types of screed. We also guarantee that screed will be performed in a timely fashion and at the highest level of quality.

Reasonable cost of floor screeding and skilled experts are our main competitive advantages!

Int-Ext Company Services
Price in Rubles Including VAT
Arrangement of claydite-concrete screed 100 mm thick (labour only)
about 1050
Arrangement of reinforcing screed 30 mm thick (labour only)
about 750
Installation of self-leveling floor 2-10 mm thick (labour only)
about 300

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