Facade Facing

The facade is the face of the house. Apart from aesthetic and decorative functions it has a protective function. In Russia’s climate a facade should protect the walls from the negative impact of the environment – extremely low temperatures, extreme cold and extreme heat, humidity and wind. When choosing the facing, it is necessary to take into account a lot of factors: the load on the walls and on the building’s foundation, the moisture absorption of the materials, the durability, the longevity and the type of mounting.

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Stone facing is a time-tested technology and is still very actual. Private mansions and cottages, offices and organizations have been covered in granite for dozens of years.

Stone facing – advantages and disadvantages

Among the incontestable advantages we can mark the following:

  • ecological and germicide properties of the materials;
  • frost-proof;
  • resistance to weathering, influence of atmospheric precipitation and other aggressive influences of the environment;
  • longevity, durability;
  • simplicity of assembly;
  • decorative and aesthetic properties.

A significant disadvantage of stone facing is its weight. Granite and marble are the heaviest fit-out materials. The irregular shape of the stone and other properties of this natural material complicate the work.

One more disadvantage of stone facing is its cost. Modern artificial stone is more affordable than natural stone and because it is produced industrially its width, weight and size are controlled. Yet natural stone has more advantages. Granite and marble facing will serve many years and will protect your walls from decay without losing any of its attractiveness.

Granite facing

Granite facing has always been considered appropriate for facades. A professional and competent approach when working with this stone considerably decreases building maintenance expenses. Granite is a perfect material for interior and exterior fit-out: it is wear proof, durable and has good heat insulation. Granite facing will not only protect the walls of the house, but will also provide it with individuality and style.

Facade Facing with Ceramic Granite

An alternative to stone facing is artificial stone facing. At present one of the most popular artificial stones is ceramic granite. It appeared on the construction market not long ago – at the end of the 80s of the previous century, but architects appreciate it worldwide. Its main advantages are:

  • lightness;
  • durability;
  • utility;
  • safety;
  • a wide choice of colors;
  • affordable price.

Facade facing with ceramic granite will improve sound and heat insulation of the building and protect the walls from exposure. High frost resistance makes this material especially convenient in the severe Russian winters. Natural lightness makes it possible to use it for facing both new and old buildings.

Int-Ext performs facade facing with various materials. We are aware of the variety of materials so we are able to elaborately consult our customers. When facing facades with stone (natural and artificial) and also with ceramic granite, we always guarantee reasonable terms. Professionalism and experience help us fulfill orders of any complexity.

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