Structured Cabling Systems

At present, no modern enterprise, organization or office is conceivable without a structured cabling system (SCS). It is a set of information cabling networks of a building /premise; it forms a unified system of data transmission. It's also often called a local area network (LAN), especially when speaking about a small facility.

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Modern structured cabling systems are the "backbone" of any office, integrating local computation and telephone networks, video monitoring, safety and other systems. Int-Ext company offers a complete range of services for design and installation of structured cabling systems of any complexity, as well as electrical works, including installation of UPS.

SCS Design

SCS design is developed based on an approved office layout, with indication of all premises and working places. SCS structure allows the corporate network to adapt to any changes that can happen during the office rearrangement. As a rule, at the stage of designing of the structured cabling system it is possible to connect new equipment and even make changes in the standards of data transmission. There is no need to install a new structured cabling system for this purpose. At present, SCS design is drawn up in accordance with the International standard ISO/IEC 11801. The design includes pulling cable lines, schemes of commutation in patch panels, and schemes of active equipment in server racks.

Building of SCS

The main principles which should be taken into account in building of SCS:

  • Structuredness – the cabling system should completely comply with the structure of the building local computer network with respect to the active network equipment.
  • Modularity – the system should comprise the combination of the separate modules, each of them being an independent node. SCS installation of every node demands standard solution.
  • Flexibility – SCS installation should ensure simple connecting of equipment and transfer inside the building without cable system re-adjustment.
  • Convenience – the system should have an excessive number of ports for equipment. Computer network installation should provide for cabling reserve.

SCS installation

Structured cabling network installation usually begins after the walls are erected and information cables are pulled along the riser. Network design is made simultaneously with designing floor layouts. Then SCS installation is performed at every floor according to the general design (if the building is occupied by one enterprise) or in compliance with the desires of each occupant. This work can be performed simultaneously with installation of plasterboard partitions, or it can be done after that process (placed under the raised floor).

Installation of structured cabling system requires observing a large set of rules. Cables should be pulled in channels and boxes with easy access. When the computer network is installed, the trunk capacity is filled with cables no more than 50% (it’s necessary for decreasing tension load).

Installation of the computer network should be performed according to agreed-on routes. Cables are intercepted by special cable ties of more than 4 mm width.

Structured cabling system service life

When considering LAN installation, the problem of warranty should be of primary importance. Professional installation of SCS guarantees its non-stop work up to 25 years. As a matter of course, full installation of computer network will cost more than pulling several UTP cables used for immediate needs. Yet taking into account the convenience of its maintenance and minimization of the further expenses, one can be sure that in a long term perspective LAN installation is a profitable investment of assets.

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Structured cabling systems are a part of a wider range of low-voltage systems.

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