Ventilated Facades

Ventilated facade is a protective-decorative construction, installed on the walls of the building. It consists of sub-system (metallic carcass) and decorative tiles. As a rule, the insulating material is placed between the walls and tiles. This technology is very popular in modern construction and rehabilitation of the buildings due to its simplicity and effectiveness.

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We deliver projects on time
We deliver projects
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Working 7/24
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We abide the law
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"Int-Ext" performs installation of ventilated façades utilizing only high quality covering materials as well as certified façade systems. In order to save life and health of the employees and to comply with all demands of the inspecting authorities we observe all safety requirements when working on the high-rise buildings.

What are the advantages of ventilated facades?

  • Aesthetically pleasing, modern look of the building;
  • Efficient heat insulation creating comfortable ambiance in the building and providing considerable savings on heating and cooling expenses;
  • Long term of service up to 50 years;
  • Different types of covering materials can be utilized (ceramic granite, plastic panels, composite panels);
  • Protection of the wall structure against atmospheric elements;
  • Significant decrease of the noise pollution;
  • Possibility of installation during the whole year.

All these advantages can be attained under two conditions: high quality of the materials and high skills of the employees. "Int-Ext" meets both requirements. We use materials only from reliable suppliers and our employees are skilled experts having broad experience in ventilated façades installation.

Stages of ventilated facade installation

In the façade installation the requirements of the product manufacturer should be fully complied with. Only then the manufacturer will be able to give a written warranty for the installation.

Ventilated façade installation begins with careful lay-out. Then subsystem and heat insulating material are installed. Finally, wall plates are installed in accordance with the chosen type.

In our company only skilled fitters under supervision of experienced engineers are allowed to perform the work. We implement orders in a timely fashion and provide competitive pricing of ventilated facades installation.

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