Waterproofing of the roof

Since a roof is the main element of a building that encounters precipitation, durability and longevity are particularly important aspects of its construction. Consequently, waterproofing of the roof is of primary importance in constructing any building.

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Precipitation (rain and snow) regularly and inevitably damages a roof covering. In addition, it suffers natural deterioration that is typical for any roofing material. As a result, sooner or later waterproofing is affected. If deviations from the design or violations of manufacturer’s procedures have taken place in the process of construction, the roof may soon develop leakages. This disturbs the intended use of the site, while the damage to the interior of the building and its engineering systems threatens additional losses.

The same situation occurs if, in the process of roof repair, excessive economizing is permitted. Groundless hope often results in the need for renovation.

Delegate the work to a professional contractor, and the competent provision of waterproofing will provide long, steady and simple exploitation of the site.

Formal agreement and cashless transfers, participation of the contractor in self-regulated organization, a relevant certificate for roof work and insurance will provide a certain guarantee of competent implementation.

Yet the main guarantee of responsible implementation of the order is the reputation of the company gained during several years of activity in the construction market.

There are many roofing materials-from mass-produced to very fanciful ones. In the field of commercial real estate, heat-welded roll and PVC membrane roofing are widely used. Int-Ext Company specializes exactly in these two types of roof waterproofing. We have equipment for laying heat-welded roll (such as glass proofing) and for welding a membrane, as well as a staff of highly competent specialists capable of solving any roofing task for our customers.

We provide a guarantee of quality for a term of one year for any work performed by Int-Ext Company. In addition, we test waterproofing by watering to ensure its water-resistance and lack of shortcomings in the implemented work.

If your roof is in poor condition and constantly develops leaks, contact Int-Ext Company. We'll easily waterproof your site with moderate prices and to your relief for years! We enjoy our work and are fully responsible for it!

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