Concrete Construction

Concrete is the construction material that has been known to humankind for more than a thousand years. At the end of the 19th century a new composite material appeared. It is called reinforced or steel concrete, and consists of constructions made of iron or steel cores in which concrete has been poured. Making constructions of reinforced concrete became extremely popular in the 20th century and remains completely relevant today.

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Advantages of reinforced concrete construction

  • Durability and longevity of concrete constructions;
  • Ability to create any form during construction;
  • High fire resistance of reinforced concrete;
  • Extremely high chemical and biological resistance;
  • Relatively low price of these works.

However, to get excellent results, engineering control and supervision are very important. Concrete works should be executed only under the supervision of professionals, taking into account the most long-term perspectives. It would be a mistake to assume that these works are simple and that the results will always be durable. To perform these works, a whole series of conditions should be fulfilled.

Factors influencing the quality of concrete works

  • Foundation and climate factors should be taken into account;
  • The grade of concrete and fittings, the type of molding board, the method of reinforcement and of pouring concrete;
  • Accurate marking and correct installation of formwork;
  • Skilled installation and binding of fittings;
  • Careful control of concrete being poured in.

The slightest mistake in any of these procedures can cause negative consequences. One should keep in mind that it would be impossible to change anything after the concrete solidification. Moreover, the safety of the whole building and people’s lives depend on these works, not to mention the wasted labor. It is no accident that Russian legislation specifies that concrete and reinforced concrete constructions belong to the types of works affecting the safety of construction sites. To perform concrete works at any site except low-rise, construction companies should have a certificate for this type of works issued by a self-regulating organization (SRO) in the construction field.

Int-Ext services in concrete works

Int-Ext Company has the necessary SRO certificate and a sufficient number of experts holding higher education degrees in construction, enabling it to solve any task in reinforced concrete works. You can avoid a lot of problems delegating the work to a professional construction company, which takes on full responsibility in compliance with the contract. Our guarantee of the successful fulfillment of our client’s orders is based in our concern for our reputation and is supported by appropriate insurance in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Of course, the customer always cares about the price of concrete works. That is natural, since the budget is always restricted and the money, as English people say, doesn’t grow on trees. But before choosing the cheapest contractor for concrete works, please consider whether it is reasonable to save on work which cannot be redone. Each item costs money. Is the cheapest price always profitable? We usually advise our client to think over these issues thoroughly.

Int-Ext Company never strives for extremely high profits. Our prices on concrete works are always reasonable. They depend on the volume of work, the location of the site, the season, and the complexity of the work. We are always ready to promptly calculate the cost of concrete works taking into account all these factors. You need only to call us and to fill out the appropriate RFP form. You are most welcome to contact us at your convenience!

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