Laminate Installation

When you choose a floor covering, its appearance, convenience in use, and price/durability ratio play an important role. That is why more and more customers choose laminated flooring. Laminated floor covering is relatively inexpensive, allowing an efficient solution to the problem at minimal cost. There is a wide variety of colors and patterns of laminate. It is absolutely harmless to your health in premises where people spend a significant part of the working day. If you need a smooth floor covering matching the color of any furniture, the choice is evident. We are constantly working with laminate and will be happy to consult with you regarding selection. Installation of laminated flooring is a common and familiar task for our specialists.

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How to choose the type of laminate: Int-Ext company advice

It is well-known that the quality of any material defines its cost and durability. If you plan to use laminated flooring, the price of the material wholly depends upon how it is used. There are three standard grades of laminate (from 31 to 33); the higher the number, the better and more expensive is the material. We propose laminate of 32d and 33d for most uses. When dealing with commercial real estate, one should always take into account the quantity of people passing through it per day. It's also useful to bear in mind the damage from furniture legs and office chair wheels. Regardless of your budget, the 32d and 33d laminate will endure several years of the most intensive use.

Factors affecting the price of laminated flooring

When calculating the cost of laminate installation, you should not forget the cost of padding and a certain percentage for wastage. It does affect the final price per square meter. One also needn't forget the skirting because their metrage and type are also included in the floor fit-out estimate. The price of the works is usually determined by their square metrage and configuration. Of course, it's easier to install "endless fields" of laminate than to install it in numerous small rooms, especially curvilineal.

Our services on laminated flooring

Int-Ext Company experts in floor covering have a rich experience and constantly perfect their professional level working at many important projects. If you need laminated flooring in Moscow or other towns in Russia, we will be glad to help you. We offer reasonable prices for installation of laminate, depending on site conditions. We install laminated flooring that won’t ruin your budget and will leave only the best recollections.

Int-Ext Company Services
Price in Rubles Including VAT
Installation of laminate with padding (labour only)
about 300
Plastic skirting installation (labor only)
l. m.
about 150

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