In any type of construction, especially in low-rise buildings, there are increasingly used gas silicate blocks - a versatile material at an affordable price for construction of wall partitions and buildings internal and external bearing walls.

Gas silicate blockwork: technology and features

Gas concrete blockwork

To prevent penetration of moisture between ready foundation and the first layer of blocks during construction of the first floor walls, a waterproofing layer is required. This can be roofing felt or other type of heat-welded layer. Gas concrete blocks are laid over it.

Laying of blocks is best to start with the wall corners as it is important to keep a minimum gap between the blocks. Each row of blocks is strictly aligned horizontally, serving as basis for the next row. Walls from blocks are built using an adhesive; for interior walls cement and sand mortar can be used.

In the course of wall construction its vertical line needs to be checked with a plumb or a level. Blocks can be aligned by hammer. Sometimes, especially when dealing with problematic products, a special plane and float are used to eliminate irregularities of blocks. Every fourth row of blocks is required to reinforce. In fact, laying of this kind of blocks is similar to the brickwork, with less nuances associated with weight, size and specific characteristics of the material.

Advantages of gas concrete blocks

In modern construction gas concrete blockwork is very popular due to:

  • environmental friendliness and natural composition (cement, sand, lime);
  • reliability and durability (material resistant to chemicals, moisture, temperature drops);
  • excellent operating characteristics (high heat insulation properties, compression strength, good soundproofing);
  • lightweight material (gas silicate blockwork is carried out quickly, the process becomes less labor intensive and costly);
  • aesthetic look (thanks to the smooth surface and the properties the walls can be fit-out with any material, creating an attractive design of buildings);
  • low price (brick walls cost much more expensive).

Construction of buildings with this type of material should be dealt with by professionals, because, despite its apparent simplicity, gas concrete blockwork has many features that affect the quality and durability of construction. Incorrectly prepared base, improperly laid blocks, and absence of reinforcement can lead to cracking and loss of the material properties.

For Int-Ext specialists laying of gas concrete blocks is a field specific activity, which they perform at a high level in compliance with technology and site characteristics. Yet, the work done by the company costs quite reasonable with a quality always on top!

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