Today, plasterboard is the most popular and irreplaceable material for refurbishment and fit out. It is relatively inexpensive, and at the same time allows realizing the most daring design ideas. With this in mind, Int-Ext company is pleased to offer you its professional services for installation of plasterboard ceilings.

Benefits of plasterboard ceiling

Suspended plasterboard ceilings have a number of practical advantages:

  • help to easily hide any surface defects without dismantling old coating and levelling;
  • can be combined with all types of lighting;
  • hide engineering lines;
  • create additional sound insulation in the room;
  • quick and easy to install due to small weight of the sheets.

But perhaps the best asset of such ceilings is their beautiful appearance and flexibility in implementation of creative ideas. This can be both - a simple one-level structure with a flat surface, and a complex structure, consisting of 2-3 and more intricate layers.

Plasterboard ceilings allow to create any forms, starting with circles, waves, ovals and ending with caisson and weird curves. By combining various elements, colors and choosing the right lighting it is possible to create a truly unique solution that will completely change even the most ordinary room. In fact, everything is limited only by your imagination.

Installation Stages and specific features

Installation of plasterboard ceiling includes the following main stages:

  • marking the ceiling;
  • installation of wall guiding profiles;
  • installation of suspensions;
  • mounting of ceiling profiles with curving them into necessary form;
  • preliminary electrical work;
  • plasterboarding the frame;
  • leveling, priming and painting the ceiling.

Of course, the installation price and speed directly dependent on the structure complexity. The more levels and intricate lines will have a ceiling, the more difficult it would be to install. However, our specialists easily cope with any task.

Contact Int-Ext company, and our specialists will not only help you to develop a suspended ceiling original sketch design with 3D visualization, but will also perform all work on its installation in a timely and quality manner.

Int-Ext Company Services
Price in Rubles Including VAT
Installation of gypsum plasterboard ceilings, technology P113 (labour only)
about 1200
Installation of complex gypsum plasterboard ceilings (labour only)
about 2000

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