Today, along with traditional "wet" plaster for smoothing the walls it is increasingly used plasterboarding method. This technology is simple to implement and widely used in Moscow and its regions. It is highly competitive with the "wet" method in the quality of smoothing as well. Therefore, plasterboarding is often called dry plastering.


Plasterboarding of walls helps to hide absolutely any defects. This method is especially applicable where there are serious irregularities in the wall. As a matter of fact, in order to correct uneven walls, it is usually required a quite thick layer of traditional plaster, implying waste of a huge amount of material and big efforts. In "dry" plastering such problem simply does not exist. Plasterboard sheets are affixed to the frame, hence the material consumption does not depend on the extent of imperfections.

Another advantage of this method is a relatively high speed of work. Especially considering the fact that conventional plastering requires time for complete drying out.

Finally, the advantage of the "dry" technology is that engineering lines (cables and pipes) are easily hidden behind the plaster board, the sockets, lamps and switches are mounted in it without wall chasing. This is very convenient both for fitting-out and for further operation as a whole.

Technology Features

Traditionally, plasterboarding is made on a metal frame. For this purpose a special profile is used, with sheets screwed on it. Plasterboarding may be carried out in one or two layers. The cost of the second option will be somewhat higher, but this solution will have a positive effect on the structure strength and reliability.

Furthermore, depending on the tasks assigned, plasterboard sheets can be applied only for decorative purposes or for additional heat insulation and soundproofing with its material embedded into the frame cavity.

In general, despite the apparent simplicity, plasterboarding has many subtleties and features. Accordingly, this procedure is best to be entrusted to professionals. We have vast experience in this area and perform quality works strictly complying with the timeline.

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Facing walls with 2 layers of plasterboard, technology C623 (labour only)
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