Manual method of plastering

Plastering can be carried out by machine (using plaster machines) or manually. Typically, manual plastering is suitable for work in small areas, or in circumstances where the application of the composition by complex units is impossible. Yet, the price of this service is quite reasonable.

Manual plastering of premises is carried out in several stages:

  1. Preparation of working surfaces. It involves removal of paint residues, whitewash and other materials from walls and ceilings.
  2. Preparation of plaster mix according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
  3. Installation of corner beads (guiding bases).
  4. Priming the surface. Before applying the plaster the surface must be moistened with water or a special solution.
  5. Preparation of plaster mixture (its price depends on the type of bonding agent and plaster).
  6. Application of plaster, smoothing and troweling.
  7. Drying of plaster.
  8. Troweling of dry plaster.

Technology, materials and stages for manual plastering of walls

Manual plastering is performed with a wire brush (needs for cleaning and roughening the concrete surface), mixer or trowel to mix plaster composition. In addition, each type of work implies the use of additional tools: hawk, taping knife, trowel, scratching float –for plastering of ceilings, and finishing trowel, rustication, harling trowel, plaster ladle, darby-for plastering of walls.

Today, there are many materials for plastering surfaces with binding agents such as gypsum, lime, sand, cement, clay, which are chosen depending on the type of room. Modern manual plastering is carried out with cement and cement-lime mixtures and dry mixtures with various compositions (plaster, cement-based, lime-cement based).

Int-Ext Company offers manual plastering of walls and ceilings. Our specialists will make a free site visit and a preliminary assessment of the amount of work. The cost of our services is reasonable and is fully consistent with the quality of the end result. Plastering of surfaces is carried out by competent and qualified specialists who can best select the materials required and strictly observe the deadline.

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