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With the development of engineering systems and information technology, our daily and business life have become inconceivable without a use of a wide range of engineering services. All of them, starting with conventional water and sewerage systems to modern low-current networks make our lives more comfortable. But on the other hand, they clutter up the space, lead to inefficient use of the area and spoil an appearance of the premises.

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Installation of the raised floor is the only effective solution to this problem. Lifted above the ground, it creates additional space in which it is possible to conceal absolutely any kind of communication (for example, a pipeline, heating systems, network cables).

Design Features

The main elements in the raised floors design are special panels. They can be made from different materials. As a rule, the most popular panels used in the office fit-out are made from high density chipboard with the steel covering; for the server rooms it's often sulfate calcium panels reinforced with the fiber.

Assuming a role of the raised floor surface, panels are laid on pre-installed supporting pedestals. In general, the technology of the raised floor installation consists of four main stages. They are pedestals installation, fastening them with stringers, setting of the panels and the final adjustment of a height and a flatness of the finished system.

After that modular floor coverings are placed - usually it is a carpet or a linoleum tile. This is necessary to preserve the possibility of rapid disassembly and reassembly of any single area of the raised floor.

For convenient use of power and low-voltage outlets, the raised floor is equipped with a special floor hatches, embedded in its panels. The hatch cover has a recess-pocket for inserting a piece of carpeting or other floor coverings, which is laid in the room, so the whole floor looks uniformly.


Raised floor has the following indisputable advantages:

  • Practicality. An installation of a raised floor allows us not only to conceal all communications but also provides convenient access to them. If necessary, this construction is easily disassemble and re-assemble again.
  • Reasonable price. The raised floor can be placed on the base of any type. Mostly, it's concrete screed. Moreover, even if the surface has defects and irregularities, they could be easily eliminated by changing the height of adjustable pedestals, on which the raised floor is installed.
  • Aesthetics. Installation of raised floor requires further stacking of the modular flooring. Thus, the appearance of the floor will be as you desire it to be. In addition, the raised floor design eliminates a need for the cable channels, drywall boxes and other devices that hide the cabling in the room.
  • High speed mounting. Installation of raised floor does not require complicated preparation works or "wet" processes involving water, which greatly facilitates and accelerates the process.
  • Safety. A covering used for raised floors have excellent sound insulation, antistatic and flame resistant characteristics. This, in turn, leads to a complete operational safety of this design.

Our Offers

The company Int-Ext has extensive practical experience in the installation of raised floors. To date we have installed thousands of square meters of raised floor at the facilities of various types. We are always ready to offer you:

  • Installation of raised floor at prices below the market average;
  • Various kinds of designs - using prefabricated panels of chipboard, calcium sulfate and metal
  • Subsequent carpet installation or laying linoleum of a tile type.
  • High quality of execution – installation of the raised floor is carried out only after preliminary engineering calculations and with strict observance of technological conditions (the optimum humidity in the room, the clean surface of the base);
  • Prompt installation – up to 100 square meters per day.

The cost of raised floor installation is calculated based on its height, squared footage, type of panels used and working environments. To discuss details of cooperation and to order the service, contact the office of LLC "Int-Ext" by phone: +7 (495) 135-11-35.

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Price in Rubles Including VAT
Installation of regulated raised floor (labour only)
about 750
Installation of plywood ramps (labour only)
from 1500 to 3000

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