Installation of fan coil units

Many of today's business and shopping centers are equipped with air conditioning systems operating on chilled water. This type of conditioners is called fan coil unit. The way they operate corresponds to the name: the fan coil ventilator pulls the air from the room, blows it through a heat exchanger, which circulates cold or heated water, and then delivers the conditioned air into the room. Unified system of pipelines connects all the building fan coil units with a large block, called chiller, which is responsible for cooling the water. If it is designed a heating function, there is another pipeline system, which is connecting the fan coils with building heating system, from where the hot water is received.

Fan coils, as well as split systems are manufactured in different configurations:

  • Cassette fan coil units. These fan coils are installed with the output directly into the suspended ceiling. Most often, their front panel is sized 600x600mm, hence convenient to install this type of fan coil units above Armstrong ceilings.
  • Channel fan coil units. These air conditioners are generally concealed above suspended ceilings. For air intake and its delivery in a processed form, they are connected to the air distribution devices through flexible ducts. Moreover, such a fan coil can be connected to multiple ventilation grilles and, accordingly, serve several rooms or zones.
  • Wall-mounted fan coil units. These fancoils typically have small size and capacity. They are mounted directly on the wall, and are often used in small premises, for example, separate cabinets or server rooms.
  • Floor-ceiling fan coil units. Installation of fan coils of this type, which is usually narrow and elongated, is made vertically on the floor or on the ceiling.

In buildings that use chiller fan coils, no facade is spoiled by external blocks of split systems, which certainly contributes to nice appearance of buildings. Inside, in the premises of tenants and owners, there are pipe outputs for connection of air conditioners to the general cooling system (and heating system, if buildings provide for such a possibility). Companies, occupying these areas, engage contractors for installation of fan coils, connecting them to the common system and carrying out testing and commissioning works.

This work can be done only by a qualified contractor. Without a serious experience in this area it is not possible to make high-quality installation of fan coils and their subsequent balancing. A special knowledge is required to correctly connect the air conditioner to a power supply system, cooling and heating, as well as drainage system. The consequences of unskilled work are burned engines of devices and permanent leaks, causing damages to suspended ceilings and constantly disturbing the administrative department of the unit. Saving on installation of fan coil units, tenants sometimes lose much more, especially in cases where the leakage is damaging expensive equipment.

A professional contractor will not only install an air conditioning system based on fan coil system, but will also develop the respective design, approve it with the building services engineers and connect the equipment to the power supply system. Thus, the client will get a comprehensive service - from design, supply and installation of fan coil units to testing and commissioning of the system for operation. Responsibility for such a system and its components lies entirely on the contractor who designed it, supplied and mounted. Good reputation of such contractor, positive feedback from previous clients, a certificate of permission for relevant works is a guarantee of a high quality work.

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