Installation of multi-split systems

The most popular modern climatic equipment for commercial real estate can be considered a multi-split system for air conditioning in several rooms simultaneously. Structurally it consists of one outdoor and a few indoor units. Such solutions are widely used to create and maintain a favorable microclimate in offices, shopping centers, country houses.

Key benefits

Installation of a multi-split system is a good alternative to installation of few common splits. The building facade is not being loaded and retains the aesthetic appearance if only one outdoor unit is used. Installation of multi-split systems is justified in cases where there are no conditions for arrangement of centralized air-conditioning.

In addition, such solutions have the benefit of using the indoor units of different types and of different power (typically 2 to 5 kW) in separate rooms.

Types of indoor units

The possibility of combining various types of units is the most important advantage of multi-split systems. They are represented in several types:

  • wall-mounted units as the most popular and affordable solution;
  • duct units, designed for concealed mounting above the suspended ceiling;
  • floor units, that resemble more compact heater and are easy to install and maintain;
  • cassette units, ensuring the most uniform cooling of the air in the room and intended for installation in suspended ceilings.

Thus, for each of the premises you can easily choose the best solution in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Specific features

Installation of multi-split systems is carried out on the same technology as that of conventional systems. The only difference is that all the indoor units are connected to one outdoor unit. In this regard, designers need to take into account two main factors. Firstly, the total capacity of the indoor units should not exceed the power of the outdoor unit. Secondly, the length of the routes should not be allowed to exceed the distance specified for each model.

Effectiveness and durability of the system depends on the observance of these rules. Therefore, the installation is better to be entrusted to professionals.

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